Present Continuous (Progressive)


Use (Употребление):

- to say the action is happening at the moment of speaking (действие происходит в данный момент):

I am trying to work.

- to say about temporary things that you are doing currently (текущие, временные дела):

She is seeking a new flat.

- to say about arranged, inevitable things in the nearest future (согласованные, неизбежные дела в ближайшем будущем):

He is coming at 9 in the morning.


+ am /is /are + Ving: I am talking to you /They are dancing over there /He's speaking on the phone now


- am not /isn’t /aren’t +Ving: She isn’t working now /You aren’t doing right


?Am /Is /Are + Ving: Are you writing the letter? /Is he waiting for us? /Are they coming tonight?


Markers: now, at the moment, currently, temporary.