Present Perfect (Simple)


the action which started in the past has result now (действие, которое началось в прошлом, имеет результат на момент говорения): I’ve done all his tasks.

to say some new information (чтобы поведать о новостях): Heavy rains have drowned the Europe.

to say about experience in your life up to now (жизненный опыт на сегодняшний день): I’ve been to London twice.They’ve  learnt to be patient.

to say what you’ve done for the period which isn’t finished (сказать, что сделано за определённый период, который ещё не закончен): I’ve done much today.


+ have /has + VIII/edI have already written the letter. /He has just arrived.


haven’t /hasn’t+VIII/ed: They haven’t signed it yet. /She hasn’t done the report.


? Have /Has… VIII/ed: Have you ever been to India? /Has he seen her before?


Markers: ever, never, just, yet, already, recently, lately, so far, since, today, thisweek.