Present Simple (Indefinite)


Use (Употребление)


- daily routine (ежедневнаярутина): I work every day

- to talk about things in general, to say that sth happens all the time or repeatedly (действия, которыепроисходятвобщем, то, чтопроисходитвсёвремяилиповторяющиесядействия):The earth goes round the sun.

- to say how often we do things (чтобысказатькакчастомыделаемчто-либо): Jane doesn’t drink coffee very often.


+ he /she /It + Vs:  She works every day /He speaks English well /I know him well


- don’t /doesn’t: I don’t like running /He doesn’t eat much


Do /Does:  Do you speak English? /Does it often rain?


Markers: never, seldom, rarely, sometimes, every (day, month,etc), often, always, hardly ever.